Saturday, 15 January 2011

A Poem About Mice by W R Espy

A mouse of my acquaintance in seven days was fed

Twice twenty thousand swordfish, and now that mouse is dead.

The mercury in swordfish is an enemy to dread.

He ate twice twenty thousand, and that mouse is dead.

His sister gnawed through pizzas (I’m told one million four).

There’s talk of botulism, and that sister is no more.

Their brother downed ten thousand turkeys lined with pesticide.

It took a week to kill him, but that poor mouse died.

So stay away from hormones, and from salmonella too,

Be impolite to cyclamates, and DDT eschew,

For additives and chemicals can kill you just like that,

Though (confidentially) those mice were done in by the cat.

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