Monday, 14 January 2013

Poetry: The Promise

A rough draft of a few quick random words and thoughts...


An arm is all I ever wanted,
So in those loving arms, embrace me,
With breathy whispers in my ear, 
Softly caressing my neck,
Your rhythmic heart touches my soul,
Let me feel its tender beat,
While my fragile soul sheds a lonely tear,
Keep your warm embrace entwined,
Around my feeble body, tortured mind,
An arm is all I wanted,
To sooth away my fears, my tears,
Stay beside me as I rest,
Grant me peaceful slumber,
Comfort me from insecurity.
I will hold you in my arms,
And softly, gently say, 
You are mine,
And I am yours. 
I will give you all you need,
And offer you more than you ask,
Together we will share a life devine,
Open up the path to you,
Let hope and love come in,
Be ever mindful of the love,
That came from deep within,
My heart and soul I give to you,
Nothing will be held back,
Abundantly the love will flow,
There is nothing you will lack,
Hold me in your loving arms,
As I hold you in mine,
Truer devotion could not be found,
When a love like this will bind. 

© 2013, Ryan Price

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