Thursday, 21 February 2013

Ryan's Homemade Bath Soak

Ryan's Homemade Sea Salt Bath Soak with natural British sea salt flakes, organic lavender, natural eucalyptus leaves, rose petals and conditioning natural rapeseed oil.

Today, I made another batch of my homemade Sea Salt Bath Soak, to ease aching muscles and bring calm to a tired mind after a stressful day, or for when you just need to unwind. I've been making this bath soak for a few years and often given it away as a small gifts. Quite a few people have asked me how I make it, so here for the first time, I'm giving you my recipe. Try it yourself - it's very easy! This recipe will produce about a litre of dry bath soak. 


The basic ingredients:
• Maldon Natural Sea Salt Flakes from the Blackwater Estuary (250g) available in most supermarkets, including Sainsbury's; 
• approx 12-16 large fresh eucalyptus leaves (from your local florist), 
• a handful of dried red rose petals;
• 15g of 'Suma' dried culinary lavender flowers from organic or health food shops; 
• 10ml Lavender Pure Essential Oil; 
• 20ml Rapeseed Oil. 
(costings below)


The basic method:
• Add the salt to a large mixing bowl;
• Strip the eucalyptus leaves off the stems and finely chop them. Add to the salt;
• Crush the dried rose petals with your hands - add to the salt
• Pour in the lavender flowers;
• Roughly mix with your hands or a wooden spatula
• Drizzle the lavender oil over the mix and mix thoroughly with a wooden spatula;
• Mix in the rapeseed oil and you'll be left with the bath soak pictured above. 


The End Product:
• Spoon into resealable jars for your bathroom (pictured below), or into organza bags (pictured above) to give as gifts. 
• One serving spoon or a large dessert spoon per hot bath tub is sufficient. The quantity made should last ages!

Approximate Costings:
• Sea Salt: £1.60
• Lavender Flowers: 95p
• Lavender Oil: £4
• Eucalyptus Leaves: 50p

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