Friday, 9 February 2007

The Friday Report

I think its been a week since my last entry here, and for good reason.

On Monday, I started work through the BNA as Primary Care Nurse at a local Prison for young offenders. I am loving every moment! Probably for the first time in years (or ever) I'm in a job which challenges me, excites me and makes me feel passionate about some difference I might make. People must think I'm mad! With very few exceptions, the healthcare staff are a brilliant, friendly team, and the officers are great on the whole. The better news is that I have applied for a permanent position there, and better still I received the letter today to tell me that I have been short-listed!!! My interview is in a few weeks, so wish me luck. If ever there was a dream job for me, this is it, and on so many levels.

To make this point in my life all the more exciting is that a week today, we move to our new house in the city centre. I think I'm in love all over again! The house is beautiful, sweet and quaint. Built in 1888, I'm sure its seen a bit of history, so maybe I'll get Derek Acorah (AKA Most Haunted alleged-medium) to make a visit. If for nothing else, for the comedy factor!

Right now, I'm listening to the original 'war of the worlds' radio play - the one I used to listen to time and time again when I was a kid, hiding under the covers with my tape play scaring myself witless!!! Good times....

Anyway, its back to bubble-wrap, brown-tape and breakables for now...

Ryan x