Thursday, 16 September 2010

Be a contributory author!

164 days ago, I started writing a short fiction called 'Wrong Rooms.' 79 days ago I stopped writing - the story was about 2/3 complete. Help me finish it. Catch up at and write the next 10-15 tweet-chapter (140 characters or less per tweet). Send to

You have until 30th September to submit - the best author will be chosen 1st October 2010. If you're unfamiliar with twitter microfiction, remember to read oldest to newest (reverse order, bottom to top) Tell your friends!

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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Manic in Blue

Work in progress...


Dislocated, infiltrated, lost without a clue,
spilling from the edges into deeper shades of blue.

torn asunder, drifting under, hanging on for life, thrashing, smashing, wingtips crashing, warning signs are rife.

A vision in the distance, is it real or a distraction? Following a dream or just another reflex action?

Scaredy pants, song and dance rants,
climbing up the walls, have a drink, don't want to think what's lurking in those halls. gripe and shout, lashing out, broken down in tears,
confide in no one, take a long run, give in to those fears. manic in blue,
I'm not like you,
crying behind the door,
Let no one see,
this is isn't me,
a darker shade of blue

Fall in a heap, Drift asleep,
escape to peace,
counting sheep, no soul to keep, just waiting for release.

~ Ryan

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