Saturday, 14 June 2008

Visit my new deviantART Collection

Holga Print 12 - Skyward by ~uselessdesires on deviantART

I've got a new collection and gallery with deviantART - take a look! At the moment it's mainly Holga-esk stuff, which is quite cool!

Click here for my full collection on deviantART

Friday, 13 June 2008

My first Holga Photo Recreation

I've been having some fun with Photoshop, and decided to upload my work to I recreated the Holga toy camera effect entirely in photoshop using a very modern digital photo - you can see the result bu going here:

I'm quite pleased with it!

Ry x

Find Out What I'm Listening To Right Now...

I use last-fm - without knowing it. My top favourite is Katy Perry, who's pretty cool! Find out what else I'm listening to, and click the link below:

Ryans 'UselessDesires' LastFM Page

That's all!

Ryan x