Thursday, 31 May 2007

End of May Update.

I hate bleeping GP receptionists. I went to register our micro-family at the doctors a few minutes ago, and she (madam hitler) practically told me to sod off and come back tomorrow. Anyway...

My good friend kathryn williams is about to start recording her already-written new record. She'll be off to the sticks with neill mccoll next week, so expect great things. You know you can always email on for more info. Speaking of which, despite a grand total of 3 entries, the competition closes tonight at midnight. Hurry!

Molly had a funny experience the other night, in that michael locked her out all night without realising. She's never been left out before, and we only realised what had happened the morning after, when we couldn't find her. Michael looked outside, and apparently (because I was still in bed) she was sitting on the wall waiting to come back in! Poor Molly... she must love us if she came back!

My grandmother is still in hospital, she had two episodes of toxic shock syndrome so she's really been unwell; lung cancer, pneumonia, and now this. Hopefully, (and I do hope) that she'll be well enough to come home. After 5 weeks in hospital, she only started walking again yesterday. In her honour, I'm about to start a cook-book writing project, traditional home cooking - the welsh way! If anybody knows any great traditional welsh recipes, I'd love to see them - email them to me now! In bookshops January 2008. Yeah, right...

Michael is at work, whereas I haven't worked for weeks, nor will I for weeks. I got the job I wanted, and the salary, but my start date isn't until the 18th June. I can't wait! Then, I'll only be in work for about six weeks (I think) before we all leave for Sweden for a few weeks. That's if Kirstyn et al has applied for passports, etc. Mmmm. Are you reading this kkk?

To finish off, I've just heard the news that my mate Fern has failed her driving test. Sorry Fern, better luck next time! But then again, is it any wonder?! See what I mean:

And so, another month over... if I have more news, I'll share it, although its not very likely...

Thursday, 10 May 2007


Hello! It's almost 11pm here, its raining and I've spent the last half an hour in the garden (yes, in the pouring rain) digging up weeds, removing cat shit pulling up a ravaged shrub (sodding greenfly) and propping up wilting orange flowers. My sweet-peas are coming up a treat, and even the odd sunflower dares to shoot. And that's just the front garden! I'm 27 going on 70. I'm soaking wet (did I mention its raining?), dirty, muddy and I stink of god knows what. And do you know what...? I'm happy!

Almost got the start date at my new job, but no surprises - when asked to prove my previous income, which I did two weeks ago, the establishment lost them. Why am I not surprised. I guess the thing about getting old is that you still need the anti-d's, the odd Valium (I wish) but you seem to develop a wise-head on ageing shoulders. I mean, life can still be crap, but nothing surprises you anymore. The lines keep appearing under the eyes, the temples grey, yet there's still a scared, 16 year-old boy inside, hiding and hoping not to be found out.

Uh oh... almost lost it there.

Michael is upstairs talking to his Mum. I've barley spoken to him today. He went to work, came home, cooked dinner, had a bath and rang his mum. No me time tonight! But then, I'm being selfish. He has an interview tomorrow, which he has already got. The job, that is. He won't admit it; in fact he'd have you believe that he's a failure. I know he's good, he just doesn't keep the faith in himself. If he stumbles anywhere, it will not because of his ability, but because of his lack of self-confidence. We'll see what tomorrow brings (he's coming...!)

Tomorrow evening, my good friend David is coming over to help me install Vista on this Dell PC. So maybe I'll write a new entry tomorrow night from a lovely new operating system.

My grandmother has been transferred away from hospital, and is now in a more local district hospital nearer to home. Hopefully she'll be hope next week...

Otherwise, little all else to report! Apart from the ramblings of a mad man who's been watching too much "One Foot in the Grave."