Saturday, 16 June 2007

Welsh Boy Goes Welsh

Although it hasn't been that long since my last entry, a few exciting (?) things have happened. To start off with, I finally start my new permanent job on Monday! Whoohoo! Finally... I thought I would be really anxious about it, but I'm feeling quite cool about it really; a little aprehensive at most, and a bit excited! Paul & Kirstyn (Michael's siblings) are on their way over, so I'd better make this quick...

Last week, as the photo shows, Michael and I went to Wales for a few days. The main purpose of the trip was to see my mum, and this time more importantly, my Nan. She's only just got home from hospital after complications from the first visit. She contracted MRSA. Then a chest infection, then a stomach bug and they finally made her go into shock by adminstering a drug error. So on top of the lung cancer, she has been quite unwell. Anyway, she's home finally, and I spend some of Sunday with her. She seems ok, better than expected, but still frail. Hopefully, I'll be back next month for another visit.

While we were there, we went to Tenby and West Wales - Photos here. The best thing was my accident. Forgetting that I wasn't 12 anymore, we had a go on a tree swing. It held out well, considering. Michael had a great go:

The only thing is, me and my fat belly proved too much for it, and shortly afterwards, the rope snapped and I end up crashing to the ground, some 10 feet below! Damaged my neck, got stung by nettles to hell and back and cut my arm, but hey, I'm alive.

Anyway, I need to go and find something (how do you loose a scanner?!?)